Logo Fluo Sobre B

Fluo Sobre, a child of the 80s, who has always been immersed in painting, graffiti, passion for vinyl and electronic music. The concept of Fluo Sobre is to bring these worlds together. The pieces are recycled art, a creative work made from re used materials mixed with acrylic pouring fluid painting and street art techniques.

Fluo Sobre is preparing a multimedia exhibition, which will bring together a series of unique collection of pouring vinyls, recycled turntable vinyl, tape recorders, ghetto blaster, organ, Hi-fi system and mannequins that fit in to this 1980s recycling process.

This event will be accompanied by a live performance of fluid painting for the opening, and multimedia slow motion images that would show the “behind the scenes” with videos of the operation.

The EP’s are produced on the concept of red, blue, green, black.. color spectrum.
Fluo Sobre produce and play on machines which are more than 35 years old, still using 3.5 discs to charge the samples and work with sequences in 12bits to obtain a nostalgic, analogical, Sci-fi Wave, 80’s sound.
It’s a long process of programming and sound research, which Fluo Sobre has developed over several years working for Radio France International, TV and his two studios based in Paris and Barcelona.
For amateurs and other synth freaks “Synthporn” music is produced with the following machines : E-mu Emax,
Roland Juno 106, Korg Poly 61, Kork PolySix, MiniMoog Voyager XL, Sequential Prophet X, Sequential Prophet VS.

Fluo Sobre is an antonym, “fluo”rescence is an emission of light and “sobre” is moderate, discreet, without excess.